Companies Pouring Money into Data Security Efforts

Businesses around the world host a treasure trove of data deemed critical to various aspects of their daily operations. This data is often considered among its most valuable assets. As technology advances, enterprises have to invest in robust data security solutions to guard against increasingly bold cyber attacks from hackers who want to disrupt their operations or steal from them.

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NoSQL Database Poised to Lead Enterprise Cloud Computing for Non-Relational Data

With companies managing massive amounts of big data and as a schemaless unstructured database technology, NoSQL just happens to be at the right place at the right time. That’s not to say that SQL and other relational databases have fallen out of favour, quite the contrary in fact, but NoSQL does have some unique characteristics that make it a good fit for enterprise computing applications.

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Customer Service Apps Help Keep Customers for Life

Mobile apps are an integral part of our lives and as a result, more customers prefer to communicate via an app instead of calling on the phone or visiting a website. This represents an opportunity for businesses. By having a customer service app developed, a business can improve their customer service and reduce the costs of handling these types of enquiries.

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Overusing JavaScript Can Annoy Website Visitors

JavaScript is used for forms, retrieving data sets and a host of other features for building dynamic websites. However, some websites rely on JavaScript (JS) for everything from animated menus to dynamic web applications. When JavaScript is overused it slows down the website annoying visitors and online shoppers.

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