Encryption Is Not Enough To Secure Corporate Data

Data security is becoming a growing source of concern for many businesses as companies worry about the possible disruption and legal liabilities if and when a data security breach were to occur. As a result, many companies have adopted encryption to help protect their data.

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Effective Database Design is the Key to Data Integrity

Information technology managers often find it difficult and time consuming to manage websites and applications that have a poor database design structure. Data-driven applications provide the ability to display a wide variety of information based on the corresponding values from the data tables.

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Mozilla to introduce new Firefox OS Smartphone in Australia

The Firefox web browser has come a long way since its introduction by Mozilla in 2004. With approximately 500 million users around the world in 89 languages, it has become one of the most popular open-source web browsers on the planet. And, on the heels of celebrating its tenth birthday, Firefox aims for another first of sorts with the introduction of its very own mobile operating system, Firefox OS.

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Responsive Transactional HTML Email Templates

It’s a customised email that is sent based on a previous user action. Sending the customer a confirmation of their order after completing an online purchase is an example of a transactional email. And, sending a reminder email to customers when they abandon their cart before completing the sale is yet another transactional email example.

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