New Wave of Software Development Encourages Thinking Outside the Box

Business owners and managers in Australia are seeking alternative methods for improving their end-to-end processes with the aim of achieving beneficial outcomes that are essential to performance-based and customer-driven strategies. These outcomes include clarity with regard to strategic direction, alignment of company resources and discipline in daily operations.

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Will Apple Watch Kill the Smart Phone?

The smart phone market, with nearly one billion users, is becoming increasingly saturated with alternative products being released at an extremely fast pace. As a result, Apple has been working very hard to not only protect its existing base of loyal users, but to achieve market growth in the highly competitive mobile market.

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Why Some Ecommerce Websites Are Doomed To Fail?

There are virtually millions of websites competing for attention online and with billions of dollars in revenue at stake it is easy to understand why. But simply throwing up an e-commerce website expecting an instant rush of visitors anxious to buy your products is probably not going to happen. Unfortunately for some, many entrepreneurs do just that.

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