5 Reasons Why Your Website Development Project Needs Video Content

These are the top 5 reasons for including video in your website development project

Consumers have become so accustomed to watching videos online that they not only expect it, but use it as part of their decision-making process on whether or not to purchase products and services. In fact, over 90% of all consumers watch online video content, according to AYTM Market Research. This makes up a really large part of the market which can go unattended if small business owners don’t include videos in their website.

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How Companies can Secure Mobile Apps from Hackers

Business users are on the front lines for securing mobile devices

The proliferation of hacking targeting mobile apps is pervasive and continues to grow putting business owners and employees on the front lines to secure their apps from hackers. Whilst most of the hack attacks primarily targeted Android devices, vulnerabilities have been discovered in iOS making it clear that no system is completely immune.

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