Software Fragmentation Main Problem for Android App Developers Sydney

App developers around the world are struggling to create beautiful, excellent apps for the Android platform. Developers in Sydney today are really trying to resolve one challenge that has always been consistently present in Android, and that is because they allow too much freedom in their application. The specific name for that problem is Software Fragmentation.
 Software Fragmentation

This simply means that there is just too much in this single platform! What do we mean? Here at app developers Sydney, we would define it as there is just a huge array of versions of android running around the globe and all of those versions are still into use, no consistent version. It just tells everyone that when you develop an application, you should not only focus on the latest version for the Android operating system but also for the most used, not everyone upgrades their phone and not all phones can be upgraded. This is one of the toughest challenges for developers as they should be aware of this fact and should give consideration also for the previous most popular version.
To make things even more complex and will prove to you that the upgrade problem isn’t given that much attention, you can actually buy a phone running in Android 4.5 this year and in another store, the same phone running in a different version, Android 4.6. This is very common all over the world, and with this inconsistency, the developers should really adapt and do their best to make the app working on both versions, or on most versions that are still being used today.
Ignoring this tip will have a very bad effect on your application; remember that if you would not consider developing an application that would run on an older version but is still being widely circulated, then that populous that will download your great app and will not work on them will give you a very bad review. Reviews are one vital part in an applications’ success, this simple mistake can ruin the entire course of your application, and this is why software fragmentation on the Android platform is really a challenge for app developers Sydney.

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3 Major Lessons I’ve Learned in Running a Digital Marketing Agency Sydney

It is quite amazing how a person runs a business, and from time to time, and over the years of management, we pause and reflect towards how things are going and ponder from them. Learning is always a key in our life, here are 3 major lessons that I have uncovered from years of experience in my Digital Marketing Agency in Sydney.

The Lessons:

1. A Business is like a Baby – If you have a son or daughter, you would do everything to provide the best and make them successful and happy. A business is something like that, no matter what type of business, but just say a digital marketing agency since that’s what I have.
Also, remember that your child will also provide you happiness, so does a business. It is something mutual, it’s not just you giving it your all, but it’s also about having something to gain from it. It is the fuel that should keep you going and always be motivated and inspired to nurture and make it better.
Lastly, you should learn to be open, being the founder or owner of the business of course also makes you the father, but it doesn’t make you “Mr. Right” all the time. You need to have a very open mind, open to suggestion and open to changes. A business will never be successful if it only depends in a single person, even if that individual made the business.

2. Embrace Change and Failure – As human beings, we are naturally afraid of both. Why? Because change involves a lot of things, like you have to sacrifice what you like or adapt to something you don’t but will be beneficial towards you business. You have to learn and accept these anytime soon.

Failure on the other hand is something that will absolutely discourage us; of course, I’m not some guy who tells you something just to cheer you up. But, you have to find a way and make that huge negative energy to a positive one to then resort to change and improvement, and not to do it again.

Success doesn’t come without failure; of course, the more fails the better finish product. I too had a hard time on having consistent changes in my Digital marketing agency, the employees that don’t work, and the clients that are fickle minded, or course all of those. But in the end of the day, if I just keep worrying, there will never be progress. That’s why I embraced it and accepted it as something normal in this business.

Digital Marketing Agency

3. Not all Clients are Gold – The thing that I have come to realize when running my Digital Marketing Agency Sydney is that some of my clients actually do more harm than improvement. Some in the most pleasant manner that I possibly can is that they are just not worth it.
Most common belief is that the more, the better. Well, here in this industry I have to disagree since some are actually dragging you down. They just have to go, some of them are simply not professionals and not realistic, it will give you too much pressure on their extremely high expectation and the pay is totally not worth it.

From the years that I have in running my Digital Marketing Agency in Sydney, I absolutely say that better not accept those projects that will bring more pain that gain.

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Why Local Search Engine Optimisation is Priority – enCloud

At present, the competition in keywords without localisation entries is insanely tough. It is quite impossible to compete with well-established websites that are now on the top result of Google’s SERPS. This is indeed normal for brands that have placed their name in history and now shows authority, but how about the little guys? Do not fret as this giant search engine shows a lot of care towards the local business, this is why opting for local search engine optimisation is absolutely beneficial and should practically be a priority.


enCloud – SEO Company Sydney – has noticed that with the new recent update on Google’s AI, fan-named ‘Pigion,’ it gives a higher priority on smaller and newer local businesses and companies. Taking advantage of this can greatly increase the effectiveness of your website in getting more valuable traffic. Remember that 44% of purchases come from Search Engines and that is absolutely a huge number, and those that use search engines proactively prefers to add their locality on their Keywords plus the assistance of Google’s ability to track users’ geographic location. A well-optimised website can garner the benefit of this and get most of their sales from local customers.

This is why here at enCloud, we make sure that our Local SEO services in Sydney are done with extreme effort. Do you know that 4 out of 5 people prefer and set up their search results settings to be within their current geographical location? This is why if you would search for products and services, you will be provided with results that are local. This is indeed in favor towards smaller local businesses compared to targeting national or international SEO with thousands of colossal companies to compete with. Search Engine Optimisation requires a lot of focus and effort but it does pay off and certainly can provide you higher conversion rates and a return of investment, along with a substantial increase in having qualified visitors on your website.


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Web Developers Sydney Better Wage Increase

Australia’s Institute of Management has provided the most recent salary survey. It shows that the increase in most works is still in a very slow annual pace, but there is an absolute exception in the IT industry, along with the construction and engineering industries as well.

This leads to promoting a very good invite towards the IT industry in Sydney, especially for web developers, designers, IT experts, etc.

The Survey

The statistics show a wage growth and forecast from 12 months before the start of October. AIM’s Policy and Advocacy General Manager Sam Bell said:

“Positions in IT are in demand as businesses invest more in technology to gain a competitive advantage in the market.”

“There’s also ever-increasing demand for positions with web development skills as more organizations realise the need to have an online footprint.”

In the past 12 months, Web Designers and Web Developers in Sydney and other major cities of Australia outstandingly increase 7 to 8.2 percent – a much higher difference towards the second leading which is only 6.3 percent from a senior professional engineer (level 4).

Chermside resident and web developer at Orange Digital, Alex Cotton, had an increase of pay just 6 months ago and believes that this line of professional is still very much in high demand, and will still continue.

Alex Cotton moved here from New Zealand around 3 years ago, work was one main reason for residing and from his experience, his choice was promising as this career lead to prosperity.

“From my experience here I’ve definitely found there’s been an increase in jobs for web developers.”
– Alex Cotton

People nowadays have realised the importance of having their own website for their company or even just a small-time business. This has lead to one major chain reaction towards the IT industry, allowing web developers and designers around the globe to have more work to be done – which is indeed a reward for these professionals in terms of money

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Why Having an Original Idea for iPhone App Development Is so Important

If you are a devoted fan of all apple products, especially on its devices that run on iOS, then this article right here will give you major information that we believe you definitely should know.

The Idea is the Core Factor

Talking about this, it does apply to almost anything that wants to have success in this world. In the world of business, either you offer a product or service, what product or service you’re going to offer comes from that simple line, that idea is the core factor.

If you are just going to copy a certain idea and revise it, you will still have customers and we are not saying that you will never be successful, but what we are saying is that the competition will be tough, and people want to be original, hence they’d prefer who really made it.

iPhone App Development

This equally applies to an iPhone App Development. If you are just going to develop something that has been around for quite a long time, people would no longer want to risk trying something new. In this case, your revised version of another product, most people prefer genuine.

There are hundreds of apps out there that is very successful because of its originality, games like Clash of Clans is currently the top grossing game today, and mind you there are so many other games identical to it or even better, but because it came first, the players are more populous here and it is already running perfectly.

If you have a really good idea and you are the first one, there is an amazingly huge possibility that it will be profitable and can earn hundreds of dollars every minute. Only if it is an idea that is certainly unique and original, then it is worth the investment.

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