10 facts about website development

Facts About Website Development

Your website is your business. So, it’s important that your website is working in top condition, providing a smooth user experience in order to keep from monetising it. However, once your website fails to meet the new standards then you are now meeting serious problem you need to fix. Here are 10 facts you need to know about website development Sydney.

1. Your web design is no longer modern
Yes, your website might have been cool-looking or modern a few years ago but this year, it might not. This may cause a serious problem because most visitors also look at your web design. Look into new web designs or ask your team to manage it.

2. Your website is no longer SEO friendly
SEO and optimisation are the newest trends to get your website on top pages on search engines. However, most websites that were not updated for the past two years or so are in serious problem. If you are in one of them then you might have notice that you are not generating enough traffic or sales.

3. Your website isn’t displaying well on different devices
So, your website still looks cool and modern but you found out that it’s not displaying the same in your browser and in your smartphone. That’s because browsers or smartphones read load codes differently from each other. So, it’s possible that some might appear or not at all.

4. Is your website’s code correct?
Codes can seriously affect your website’s visibility. Web developers should know how to properly use codes to create your website’s brand and to improve visibility on search engines.

5. Images and Videos
These two things can make or break your visitor’s user experience. Large videos or images take the time to load and visitors might not like waiting.

6. Responsive web design
A responsive web design means that your website is flexible. It can be viewed easily without any problems either in mobile or computer.

7. Mobile Design
Unlike a responsive web design, mobile design means that your website has an integrated mobile friendly viewing. A website like that has an HTML like this “m.website.com”.

8. Extensions and Upgrades
These extensions help your visitors to navigate your website easily and ensuring you better traffic and increase sales.

9. Influencing visitor behavior
Your website should be easy in the eyes. Users usually want to scan your website quickly and if it takes too much time to load, they leave.

10. Web Development Team
Some prefer to DIY their website but that is not recommended especially if you’re just one person. Outsource a team with a website development Sydney and guide them to how you want your website and see it flourish once again.

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Best Website design and development company Sydney

When looking for the Best Website design and development company Sydney, it’s best to have a guideline on what you need from them. This is not actually an easy task since when you start your research, you’ll discover tons of companies offering the same services. Here at enCloud, we’ll assure you that our services are perfect for your needs but if you’re still looking then here are some things you need to look for when your outsourcing your web design and web development company.

  1. Price: This varies depending on your website’s status or if you are planning on starting a website. This can be sometimes your deciding factor when choosing a designer or a web developer.
  2. Portfolio: You need to know whether they have rendered their services for other companies before. Most companies have portfolios already or you can ask. Look at those projects and decide whether they are capable or good enough for what you are looking for.
  3. Partnership/Value Added: Know whether the company will be your partner or just provider. Will the company help you improve your website or build your website according to what you need or want? It’s best to get to know or have a good relationship with your team because they will be handling your business website.
  4. Time Commitment: A project needs to have a certain time to finish. Once you hire a web development team, know that they will also commit their time with you. They only want to build you a website that you want. If you want to write your own content, that’s great but if you plan to outsource then check out if they also offer that service.
  5. Style: Understand what you also want on your web design. Do you want something quite modern or a minimaWebsite Design and Developmentlistic look? Talk about your style and ask them if they have samples of similar look or ask suggestions from them on what fits for you and your website. If both agree, then perfect.

There are still more but these are the basic things you need to look for. This list is in no particular order but all should be reconsidered first before choosing. We can be your Best Website design and development company Sydney, just enquire.

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Web Design and Graphic Design – Are They the Same Thing?

Are you on the verge to choose a certain career that will utilise your artistry and tech savviness? There are 2 major options that you can choose from and both are highly in-demand, and of course, in pay. Namely – Web Design and Graphic Design – but, there is quite a catch since most of you would perceive these two as identical jobs… but, sorry to burst your bubble, you are oh so wrong.

Just to ease your mind, we are going to answer the title with a generously big NO. No, they are not the same thing. This article is written to show you their differences and similarities in the simplest possible way I humbly can.


Graphic Design
Let us start with the most artistic one with the least complexities but still has a bright future ahead. Graphic designers are those tasked to create visuals that would represent a certain objective or idea, in other words, they are more on building logos, displays, or anything that becomes a picture! Yes, graphics! You can’t make it simpler than that… Likely if you were to become one, your perspective should be to put art first – become an artist as much as you can – deliver the message to your audience by means of graphics, creativity that brings in a punch unavoidable to evade. The skills you require is a good taste for creativity and analysis, with substantial knowledge of adobe and other photo or graphic editors – cash?

Web Design
Now, Web Design is about the art or design on a web page – simple as pie, really can’t make it any simpler… Web Designers are more focused on applying graphics to a page to deliver the message. They do not create the graphics themselves but also does not mean there will be no instances of doing so. They are more into communicating with their audience to provide mutualism or connection; hence, they would assume the right graphic to connect with an audience for a certain page – more of a person that applies the art. Website Designers are also required to learn a little bit of coding and programming.

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Website Design – Colours and Their Impact

website design

We all know the idea that appearances aren’t everything. Website design is just the front-end, but is it not important? To be completely honest, a huge factor why visitors would stay and would easily hit the exit icon on their browser is because of design. A more professional looking website can easily capture one’s attention with ease for a long period of time while those on the bad end can provoke people to easily find a different website.

An easy way to help you guys out in website design is to give you some tips on how to choose colors to not only make it more professional but will allow you to gain your audience’s trust.

Loyalty and Trust
The color blue comes along with it, observe banks, most of them will always have a tint of blue on their logos or icons. To give a stronger example that people really trust is PayPal and Facebook, the first one handles money, the second one keeps your most treasured photos and important details. Believe it or not, they are using color psychology, hence blue.

Call to Action
When it comes to asking something, make it more dominant, but not aggressive, something that people would easily touch or click. The color for that is none other than bright primary and secondary colors such as red, green, orange, yellow. But make sure that you make them brighter.

Orange is the color that you need, this is a color that punches with a lot of energy, think orange as a power up. This color creates a hype type of feel, ever seen a Ping-Pong Ball? Or perhaps badminton game, basketball? Yes, we see action in this color and you can easily achieve audiences with the same love.

If you want to hit women, then use a lot of blue, purple, pink, and green. For men, have a lot of blue, green, black, and gray. These colors are based on statistics and you can trust them, they have a 35% pick choice so it’s really safe for any website design.

When it comes to showing authority, red is the way to go, but make sure it’s not too much or you will burn yourself down. Yellow is simply no, was fancy.rning signs are yellow, make it gold because it never goes old. But again like red, too much as nasty, just right.

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What Makes a Company Good at Logo Design Sydney?

We all know that because of the high technological competition going around in one of the most progressive cities in the world, which is Sydney – it is quite difficult to choose the best Logo Design Company in Sydney. But, we can still provide you some vital information as to how to know where is the best one for you.

The Best Logo Design Sydney

When it comes to choosing the best, there are several factors to check on. The first thing that you should consider when searching for the right service is how they charge it, most companies would charge by the time of completion or how long it took, others would prefer a fixed price for the project and is based on the complexity. Choose one that would charge it by the hour of service rather than those who does it at a fixed price, people that do it by the hour are obliged to do their best within the hour, while those on something fixed would do it as fast as they can and get your money the soonest time possible.

Logo Design Sydney
Second, that should be considered is their previous works. After checking on the companies rates, and finally getting your candidates to hire, check all of their previous works or portfolios. Choose one that provides passion in their work, don’t settle for those that just finish their work just because it is their job, and go for the ones with the extra mile. How to spot them, those who suggest more are the best, those who would just say it is up to you isn’t the one who’d go the extra mile.
Third but not the least is to know who is working for you, this is indeed something that you should never ignore. We all know that the common story goes by simply choosing one and trust them, which have resulted in tons of failure. When choosing the best company that offers Logo Design Company in Sydney make sure that you know the team, check everything along with their traits and personality. This gives you a huge boost in confidence as to how sincere they are at work, making you sleep at night better knowing that your investment is for someone serious.

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