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Overusing JavaScript Can Annoy Website Visitors

JavaScript is used for forms, retrieving data sets and a host of other features for building dynamic websites. However, some websites rely on JavaScript (JS) for everything from animated menus to dynamic web applications. When JavaScript is overused it slows down the website annoying visitors and online shoppers.

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5 Best Practices for Email Design that Get Attention

Once a recipient opens an email from your company, their decision to continue reading and responding to an offer will often be based on the first impression they receive, so you need to make sure it’s your best. A professional, eye-pleasing email design will have a significantly higher response rate. To make every impression count, here are five best practices to help ensure your emails look their best.

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Discount Coupons Increases Email Campaign Revenue by Nearly 50%, study says

It was recently reported that email marketing campaigns that used coupons in their promotions achieved higher open, transaction and click through rates, according eMarketer. Moreover, email campaigns with coupons generated over forty percent more revenue than emails without them. Based on the results of this study, it is clear that email campaign conversions improve when coupons are included.

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Project Go-Live: Ready2drink Pty Ltd

enCloud are proud to announce the launch of newly completed Mobile Optimised e-Commerce project for Ready2Drink.

Christopher Leong the director at Ready2Drink came to enCloud to develop an e-Commerce platform for his new alcohol delivery service with an emphasis on simplicity, with a user friendly interface and a mobile optimised website that performed like a Mobile App.

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Businesses Missing Opportunities for Monetising Mobile Apps

The advancements in mobile technology have revolutionised and the business world with the introduction of sophisticated apps containing new features, productivity tools and other extraordinary capabilities. Mobile apps provide a better foundation for controlling and managing a business, thereby fuelling productivity, profits and a competitive advantage. According to Jason McNicol, ABI Research senior analyst, mobile apps are the driving force behind the rapid change and growth of by cloud computing, social media and big data, for instance.

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Using Big Data to Attract Customers for Life

Organisations are faced with an overwhelming amount of consumer generated data, rapidly evolving consumer behaviour and growing competition. This massive amount of big data can be analysed to spot patterns that are not so obvious and reveal information about the customer that can go a long way towards managing their relationship and retaining them for longer periods of time.

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