“In today’s diverse economy the term ‘one size fits all’
very rarely applies”

With so many unique and varied organisations offering a host of new products and services to the market, finding the right tools to manage your business, distribute your products and provide convenient payment methods to an equally varied customer requires more than an “off the shelf” solution.

With the prevalence of mobile devices and increasing data speeds to the cloud, we now have an unprecedented ability for new applications to make your business more efficient, more profitable and provide a higher level of service to your customers. More and more organisations are looking to creating custom applications that allow them to manage a mobile workforce, provide cloud based services to a mobile customer, distribute products to a mobile consumer and broadcast content to a mobile audience.

From field service tools to wholesale ordering systems, if you are looking for a solution ‘outside the box’ to improve your business processes and increase profitability than talk to enCloud about our custom applications development services today.

enCloud Cloud Applications

Web Apps and Plugins

What do your customers, employees and vendors have in common? The vast majority of them have at least one mobile device in their pocket. And when you bridge the power of mobile apps with your enterprise, you can reduce infrastructure costs, improve productivity and gain a competitive advantage

  • Dynamic registration forms and payment processing
  • Secure membership areas and resources
  • Competitions and Social Integration
  • Custom Product specifications for manufacturing ordering
  • Forums and online Community tools.

Subscription Services / Recurrent Billing Modules

Many companies are moving towards a subscription based/recurrent billing model for some or all of their products and services. It is a great way for any business to increase incremental revenue and improve cash flow and it is widely accepted among consumers and businesses alike.

  • Billing data syncs with back-end databases to eliminate manual data entry
  • Can be configured to work with a new or existing website
  • Standalone Cloud based software applications
  • Integration with mobile apps

Using a subscription/recurrent billing module, a charitable organisation, for instance, is able to dramatically expand their donor base and increase donations by making it easier for a larger number of donors to participate by making smaller donations over a specified period of time. Donors can specify the amount and the duration of the subscription and are billed automatically. At the end of the subscription period, donors are given the option to renew.

B2B Wholesaler Online Ordering System

Simplify ordering and grow B2B sales with an intuitive online wholesaler ordering system. When wholesalers need to order products and supplies, they simply open the app and product information will automatically populate in the required fields as they type the product code. It can be configured to apply special discounts, calculate shipping, etc.

  • Order data syncs with back-end databases to eliminate manual data entry.
  • Product and price changes can be instantly pushed to all users.
  • Can be configured to work with a new or existing website, as a standalone online software application or a mobile app.

As an example, a restaurant wholesaler had a large ecommerce site that was time consuming for customers to find and re-order the supplies they needed. With our custom wholesaler online ordering application, they were able to significantly simplify the ordering process with just a few clicks.

Field Service & Workforce Management

Time is money and for organisations with employees out in the field every minute counts. With labour costs as one of the largest expenses for a company, controlling these costs is critical to success and maintaining viability in the market. Our field service and workforce management applications are designed to improve productivity and efficiency and are customised for the way your business works.

Companies that provide on-site maintenance and repair services like electricians, utilities, communications and pool maintenance, for instance, are able to provide their field service staff with a mobile app that reduces their drive time, increases the number of service call responses and reduce company operating costs.

  • Interfaces with back-end databases to eliminate manual data entry and create a variety of reports.
  • Appointment changes and other important information can be instantly pushed to any or all users.
  • Can be configured to work with a new or existing website, as a standalone online software application or a mobile app.

For example, field service staff can be automatically routed to their next job based on a number of options including shortest route and quickest time. Jobs are automatically re-assigned based on time and distance when a call takes longer than anticipated or if the technician is otherwise delayed. Spare parts can be re-ordered directly from the field and the app can manage fuel consumption, vehicle repair costs, and time and attendance and report irregularities to owners and managers.