Building High Performance Cross Platform Mobile Apps to Reach a Wider Audience

Cross platform mobile applications are taking centre stage for many businesses. They are less costly and can be developed in a much shorter period of time. However, when building high performance apps, there are specific requirements which must be considered.

Developers will need to understand the requirements of the app and which platforms clients desire. This is important because iOS development can only be accomplished with Mac OS whilst Windows smart phones require Windows OS. However, developers often use hyperV-enabled emulators as a central processing unit with native tools for the development processor, such as Xcode for iOS and Visual Studio for Microsoft applications.

The application’s feature list will determine what the platform will and will not support. There are certain things which can be done on Android, but are not supported by iOS, like third party software keyboards, for example. Also, it is important to determine if the app will require different screen designs for each platform.

Mobile app developers will determine if a uniform code base or multiple code bases need to be maintained across various platforms via their native SDKs for each of the platforms. There are many reasons for or against each of these approaches and it’s of paramount importance that developers help customers make the right decision.

The adoption of continuous integration (CI) coding standards allows for proper and timely testing of applications. Verifying the coding against the system’s build servers makes it easier to run unit tests on multiple platforms when developing cross platform mobile apps. The use of virtual machines, which have exceptional capability of running in complex environments with little or minimal impact on performance, helps to reduce costs whilst making it easier to switch between machines.

The mobile environment is undergoing drastic changes and even for projects that are supposed to run on a single platform, businesses are thinking about multiple platform app development before they start the coding process as this will assist in developing mobile apps for new markets.

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