Business Intelligence Increasingly Important to Mobile Application Development

Business owners and executives inAustralia have realised how important mobile application development is to their businesses. Customer needs are becoming very specific whilst the market is increasingly more competitive.

As a result, businesses are beginning to incorporate business intelligence (BI) tools in their mobile applications to help add value to customer relationships.

Increasing brand loyalty among customers is one of the main reasons many businesses have invested in custom mobile application development in the first place, but business executives can no longer ignore the enormous amount of data that is captured as customers use their suite of apps. Building BI into mobile apps enables stakeholders to make sense of the data and make more informed business decisions that will strengthen customer relationships and grow revenue. For instance, companies can leverage BI mobile application data to help sales teams focus on the products and services that customers want. At the same time, the insight may pinpoint a void in the marketplace that can be filled with a new product or service. Since a need and demand has already been identified, there is a greater chance of success. Not to mention the reduction in research and development costs.

With many companies using mobile apps throughout the corporate enterprise, employees are using mobile apps in place of desktops to access a wide variety of business applications including order entry, time management and customer relationship management, to name a few. Organisations can use BI data to get a better understanding of employee productivity, sales activities and other mobile interactions. Of course, one cannot ignore the security vulnerability which is inherent in most mobile devices. However, these risks can be minimised. For instance, a security application could be installed in mobile devices which when reported damaged, lost, or otherwise compromised can enable the user to remotely erase all stored data.

Business owners, executives and managers are increasingly making decisions on the road and having access to intelligent mobile data is critical to making more informed business decisions. By embedding business intelligence into mobile apps, companies can collect insightful information which can help identify business processes that need improvement whilst increasing engagement and value to customers, employees and stakeholders.

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