Companies Pouring Money into Data Security Efforts

Businesses around the world host a treasure trove of data deemed critical to various aspects of their daily operations. This data is often considered among its most valuable assets. As technology advances, enterprises have to invest in robust data security solutions to guard against increasingly bold cyber attacks from hackers who want to disrupt their operations or steal from them.

Data security is becoming a serious concern for business owners and according to a report released by the Centre for Strategic and International Studies in June 2014, the world economy lost 285 billion Pound Sterling to hackers who have grown more sophisticated targeting all sorts of businesses, from retail to financial and more. Small businesses are also being targeted more frequently as they are considered easier to penetrate making them more vulnerable targets.

Network and data security tasks are not a one time set it and forget it solution, but a continuous process. Technology is changing fast and it’s imperative to ensure that the security of your data, including its database management system is regularly updated to protect against unauthorised intruders. Failing to invest in robust data security systems is like leaving the doors unlocked to hackers who can cause embarrassing disruptions and large economic losses.

The initial investment in data security is nonetheless, a large one, but the cost averages down over time. The problem gets even worse when there are tight budgets for securing the business against various forms of hacking threats. The traditional methods of installing firewalls and anti-virus software is considered a band-aid that can be easily ripped off by an organised hacking syndicate with advanced training to gain access into network systems.

The threats to data security are diverse requiring multiple lines of defence. Many businesses don’t have the technical capacity to combat these types of security threats in-house and as a result, they will benefit from external data security experts. There are many benefits of working with external data security consultants and among them is that they have the tools, the staff and experience to ensure that your business data is protected against the latest threats.

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