Customer Service Apps Help Keep Customers for Life

Mobile apps are an integral part of our lives and as a result, more customers prefer to communicate via an app instead of calling on the phone or visiting a website. This represents an opportunity for businesses. By having a customer service app developed, a business can improve their customer service and reduce the costs of handling these types of enquiries.

Regardless of the type of business, the cost of handling a customer service enquiry from an app is less expensive, faster and more reliable than other forms of communication. As a result, companies are able to resolve customer service issues faster leaving customers feeling more satisfied. These benefits far outweigh the cost of app development.

Stop Negative Reviews

Online review sites are among the most popular. They give customers the power to publicly praise a business, but it also gives them the ability to vent their frustration as well. Negative reviews can hurt a business and severely damage its reputation. A customer is most likely to post a negative review when they are unable to resolve an issue to their satisfaction. Perhaps, they were placed on hold for an extended period of time, maybe their emails went astray or they could have been deferred to other individuals or departments that were not able to help. A customer service app gives consumers the ability to quickly and easily contact a business for assistance with the assurance their issue is being properly handled. In fact, the time it takes to resolve a customer service issue via an app is a fraction of the time for phone and email. It also gives the company an opportunity to turn a negative customer experience into a positive interaction that will extend the customer relationship. You might even find yourself getting more positive reviews which can lead to more business.

CRM Integration

A customer service app can be developed based on the size and scope of your organisation. It can be as simple as giving customers the ability to submit an enquiry and/or chat in real-time with a representative. Or, it can be a more sophisticated app with a knowledge base and intelligent routing that integrates with an existing CRM application.

Improve Customer Service

Customer service issues are not always about complaints. Customers contact customer service for a variety of reasons such as when they are having difficulty finding a particular product or a question about a particular product or service, for instance. Rather than letting a customer walk away empty handed or contacting a competitor, a customer service app lets you uncover these types of opportunities before they become lost sales.

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