Discount Coupons Increases Email Campaign Revenue by Nearly 50%, study says

It was recently reported that email marketing campaigns that used coupons in their promotions achieved higher open, transaction and click through rates, according eMarketer. Moreover, email campaigns with coupons generated over forty percent more revenue than emails without them. Based on the results of this study, it is clear that email campaign conversions improve when coupons are included.

In addition, research from ExactTarget indicates that the majority of consumers prefer to receive marketing communications via email.

When redemption options for email coupons were divided between in-store only, online only and either in store or online redemption, Experian found that most email marketing coupons were used for in-store and online redemption. Interestingly, only one-fifth of email coupons encouraged shoppers to save them in their mobile phones rather than print them out. When it comes to click through rates, coupons were fairly evenly distributed with consumers choosing in-store redemption slightly ahead of other redemption choices.

Surprisingly, the study revealed that the coupon does not have to be enormous for it to elicit more responses from potential customers than other promotional mailings. The most popular being the $10 dollar off coupon garnering nearly ninety percent higher click through rates than other types of promotional offers. The research also confirmed what marketers have been saying all along that email marketing campaign conversions are higher when they are personalised to consumer tastes.

In short, this study clearly reveals that the customer prefers highly targeted content with coupon incentives that will encourage them to make a purchase and engage with a company.

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