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The world of eCommerce has become an extremely competitive space, yet absolutely compulsory to be a part of a successful multi channel retailer. With the rise in popularity of DIY hosted platforms such as Shopify and Big Commerce making it easy to break into the marketplace for mom ‘n pop stores & start ups many would ask why you would need to invest in a development team.

But with nearly 90% of new entrants failing inside the first 12 months due to the tough competition of the battling giants that have invested in feature rich Magento Website Development, we know it takes more than a shopping cart and some products to be successful.

With the layout of your payments process screen alone affecting sales conversions by upto 50% it soon becomes apparent that variables in UI/UX (user interface / user design), payment gateways, cart functionality, shipping procedures, SEO, Customer Loyalty, Email and other marketing activities can be the difference between success and failure.

The team at enCloud are composed of eCommerce experts such as Magento Developers Sydney, Marketing professionals, and specialists in understanding your target market and how best to organise and present your products to them. We are experienced in building eCommerce sites on multiple platforms including OpenCart, Woo Commerce and the market leading Magento which is ideal for larger retailers looking for the customisation and flexibility to suit your individual business needs.

Like any successful project it all comes down to proper research and planning for best use of your resources.

To learn more about eCommerce and what platform and strategy best suits your business and your budget, talk to the team atenCloud today to arrange a free eCommerce consultation to ensure you make the right choice for success.

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Ecommerce Website Development Features

  • Unique Design & Template Customisation
  • Multiple Platform Choices to suit your requirements
  • Product and Category Architecture Specialists
  • Payment Gateway advice and support
  • SEO Strategy & Marketing Direction
  • Social Media & Video Integration
  • Data entry and Database Development
  • Multi-platform support for desktops and mobile devices

Shopping Carts

Shopping carts do more than simply take online orders; they can motivate shoppers to buy more which can help to increase the average sale per customer visit. And the right shopping cart will not only help shoppers find the products they need, but gives them the peace of mind of a secure and reliable online transaction.

Advanced Shopping Cart Features

  • Custom shipping rules / pricing
  • Quantity based and tiered pricing
  • Multiple payment terms
  • Multiple payment gateways
  • Foreign currency conversion
  • B2C and B2B multi-site management

Open Source Shopping Cart Experts

  • Magento
  • Opencart
  • Woo Commerce