Project Go-Live: Greenstar Valet Mobile App

enCloud are pleased to announce the launch of another successful project with the recent go-live of the Greenstar Valet car wash mobile app on both iOS and Android.

Gavin de Livera at Greenstar was looking for a tool to keep his regulars up to date with his special offers and new locations and was very pleased with the added features we were able to include within his budget and that we were able to turn it around in only 2 weeks, in time for a radio campaign he had scheduled.

A perfect example of a customer loyalty app for a service industry focused on repeat business. The app developed on the platform is a useful tool for both the customer and the company which is a key factor in getting your users to download and continue engaging with the app.

As a customer of Greenstar Valet, this handy mobile app will provide me with one touch dialling and GPS directions to the multiple locations where I can get my vehicle professional cleaned, plus allow me to easily make bookings for a service, receive notifications of exclusive special offers and vouchers directly to my app. Gone are the days of starting and loosing half-finished stamp cards to record your visits and receive your loyalty rewards, with a built in digital loyalty stamp card just scan the QR code presented after each wash and on your 5th visit get a FREE wash, easy!

For Greenstar Valet the app is a powerful marketing tool allowing them to stay engaged with its customers , keep them up to date with new products and services, prompt them to return with push notifications of special offers and reminders, receive reviews and testimonials via the built-in fan wall and encourage them to engage with their social media platforms.

If your company lives and breathes on repeat business and customer loyalty then perhaps a mobile app from is just the tool to take your mobile marketing to the next level.

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