New Wave of Software Development Encourages Thinking Outside the Box

Business owners and managers in Australia are seeking alternative methods for improving their end-to-end processes with the aim of achieving beneficial outcomes that are essential to performance-based and customer-driven strategies. These outcomes include clarity with regard to strategic direction, alignment of company resources and discipline in daily operations.

Minimising costs and improving productivity are no longer the only key goals which business managers strive to achieve. This non-traditional way of thinking has encouraged enterprise managers to think of custom software solutions for helping them achieve organisational goals.

To achieve these performance-based and customer-driven goals, many businesses are taking a more structured methodology for developing products and services that will be valued by its customers. It is this process-view of the enterprise that helps executives and managers have a better understanding of what customers value most and eliminating the gap that may currently exist to upend the ability to deliver performance goals.

In order to develop the right software solution processes need to be mapped with achieving the desired results in mind. An efficient process is one that consumes minimal resources and delivers goods and services according to an agreed upon specification. As enterprises measure performance with regard to customer-driven goals, employees don’t think of themselves as simply being responsible for highly functional outputs, but as being accountable for ensuring that customer needs are satisfied and loyalty is achieved. Because they are regarded as process thinkers, employees will be more adept in considering the impacts that certain processes can have on an organisation’s ability to deliver what it is promised to customers.

It’s this kind of thinking that could change the way people drive motor cars in the not too distant future. Automobile manufacturers are developing autonomous self-driving cars and Ford announced its plans to introduce an automobile that will prevent a driver from accelerating over the speed limit.

After mapping out the business processes that can help an organisation achieve its objectives, enterprise managers can use the power of software to automate repetitive processes that deliver results with sustainable value.

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