Overwhelming Majority of Website Visits from Mobile Devices

optimising websites for the mobile web

The number of website visitors from mobile devices now exceeds desktops. More than 75 percent of Australians are using their mobile devices to surf the web, according to a report from IDG Magnaglobal. “We  recorded  30%  penetration  of smart phones in  2010 and  this  has  shot  to  70%  currently,”  said Victor Corones, managing director, MagnaGlobal. “However  we  are  seeing  slower  growth  into  the future  and  between  now  and  2015 smart  phone  ownership  will  grow  another  8%.”

Recognising the continuing shift from desktop to mobile Internet use, search engine giant Google recently implemented changes in the way sites are displayed in mobile search results giving priority to mobile-friendly websites. In order to compete effectively, business owners need to ensure their sites are optimised for the mobile web whilst keeping in mind that desktop use has not completely disappeared and many Australians connect to the Internet using multiple devices.

Mobile optimised websites are more than just the reformatted versions of legacy desktop-oriented sites. The technology has changed. Websites that are mobile friendly are based on responsive design that automatically adjusts the display to fit within the browser on the screen. It’s like a shrink-to-fit so depending on the website it may be more desirable to have a separate mobile website.

A business whose website is not optimised for mobile devices risks visitors bouncing off the site before completing a purchase. This can negatively affect conversions. Working with a mobile web optimisation expert helps in ensuring that mobile visitors enjoy a great web experience regardless of device or browser.

To make your site mobile friendly, you should start with the design. A fluid, yet simple style works best in most scenarios. It’s also critical that you choose a web design that’s easy to navigate. Also, mobile device users expect web pages to load faster and anything less will have them dashing for the exit. Nonetheless, make your website easy to navigate for touch-screen interfaces. Mobile web visitors should be able to obtain the information they seek or complete a purchase in as few taps as possible.

photo credit: Woman using Excel Mobile in coffee shop via photopin (license)

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