The first and most fundamental part of the software development process begins with you.

It is where we get to spend some time getting to know each other. You see, in our experience we have found that it’s those small, often inconspicuous, details that hold the key to truly delivering exceptional results.

Our real world experience gives us the perspective to ask the right questions to gain a greater understanding of your business and your core objectives, this is key to proposing the right solution to meet your project goals.



Like any building project, “if you fail to plan you plan to fail” this is without question the most important part of the process and so often overlooked.

Understanding proper information architecture, the objectives of what data we want to capture and messages to deliver are vital to choosing the right technology and tools to utilise for best effect and in reducing the wasted effort of duplicating and revising work mid development.

Before pushing to production a detailed brief of content and functionality will we drafted and confirmed so all parties are clear on the scope and associated cost for the effort of development.



Design themes are as influential on project success as any content or functionality and setting the right tone is essential to your user’s first impression of your brand or product.

Choosing the right colour palate, fonts and styling is directly linked to your target market and key messages and this comes back to our original planning sessions.

UI/UX (User interface / User Experience) design can often look good but perform poorly and in the end the user experience is the defining factor in repeat visitors.

Hence as a rule we tend to lean towards “less is more” with a focus on strong typography and complementary colour pallets and creating custom icons and infographics that reflect unique functionality while maintaining the delicate balance between function and form.



At this point, your project goes from conceptualisation to development.

Working from the blueprint created in the design phase, our programmers skilfully assemble all of the required assets using the latest development technologies and system architecture tools whilst adhering to industry-standard coding practices.

Our highly skilled and experienced development team will work through the project utilising waterfall project management methodologies that are especially efficient when partnered with a strong planning process.

Our technical capability is extremely high and custom code development is a strong feature of what sets us apart from other web developers.

When complete, your development project will be revealed even better than you had envisioned.



Once our engineers have built the framework for your website or application the next step is to finish it off with quality content including written copy, images and video.

Written content is king in terms of how google ranks your site relevance and once again the time taken in planning and consultation factors heavily on the quality of copy written by our content team.

It’s not all about copy though, great photography can illustrate an idea or concept with immediate impact, and unique images are often the difference between a good site and a great one.

Without question, the most dynamic and engaging content is video. For a time poor visitor, video lets you get your message out fast and engage your visitors with a combination of audio and visual tools.

In addition to your core marketing content, is the administrative content often required to complete registration for your payment gateway including terms and conditions, privacy policy’s and return policy’s which enCloud can assist in creating for you.



An often overlooked aspect of the development process testing can be a time consuming and challenging task that can present unknown variables in the time /effort required to complete a project, particularly with custom coding and the many variable devices and platforms that digital content is delivered on.

Although basic testing is accepted as part of the development process, different projects and platforms may require extensive additional testing that is above and beyond what is acceptable in the production budget. In addition to enCloud’s functionality testing, it is understood that clients will engage in their own user testing via our test web server or test flight app downloads to provide external user experience feedback and provide a greater range of variable testing across different devices and technical literacy of users.

For more advanced testing including load testing, vulnerability security testing and mobile app testing outside the most popular devices a third party specialist testing company may require additional cost.



Deployment is the process of pushing your project live to market.

The overlooked tasks of web deployment involves host server configuration and dns management, migration from a test environment on to a live server and a final round of functionality testing.

Mobile app deployment includes the process submitting an app to either the Apple Appstore or Google Play which can take up to 3 weeks for an App to be reviewed and accepted (which is not always guaranteed) so understanding this marketplace is of vital importance.

Included in the process we will assist in setting up your developer host accounts, the payment parameters and gateways plus store optimisation which includes generating the search friendly description, images, banners and screenshots required for your listing.



All too often in this industry when a project is finished and the invoices paid a customer is left to fend for themselves without training or support to deal with the ongoing maintenance and inevitable bug fixing required once a project is rolled out and subjected to real world user testing.

At enCloud we are committed to an ongoing partnership with our clients and understand that when the project is finished that is often the time when you need us most.

Getting your head around managing a new website, ecommerce store or mobile app can take time, as standard we offer user training on all our projects along with ongoing phone and email support.

Finally support is not just about managing your project and dealing with issues but the post deployment marketing actives are as vital to a projects success as the code and concepts.

enCloud offer a host of support services to get your new project out to your target audience including, HTML Email blasts, SMS Marketing, Social Media Marketing, SEO and SEM.