Project Go-Live: Ready2drink Pty Ltd

enCloud are proud to announce the launch of newly completed Mobile Optimised e-Commerce project for Ready2Drink.

Christopher Leong the director at Ready2Drink came to enCloud to develop an e-Commerce platform for his new alcohol delivery service with an emphasis on simplicity, with a user friendly interface and a mobile optimised website that performed like a Mobile App.

enCloud achieved this by utilising an OpenCart e-Commerce platform with a custom PHP and HTML5 mobile framework that gives the user a mobile app style navigation with easy browsing of product categories, access to shopping cart and implementation of the new Braintree Payments gateway that has made great advancements in streamlining the checkout process particularly for mobile devices.

Creating an account will also make future purchases a breeze, so if your vision is a little blurry you can be sure that your refreshments will make it to the right place on time.

Ready2Drink offers 30 minute delivery and services across Sydney city, inner west and the eastern suburbs with a great selection of your favorite beers, ciders, wines, spirits and pre-mixes along with some unique product offerings like Soju, Sake and some fantastic party packs like the “Karaoke Pack” which includes Hennessy VSOP, Pokka Green Tea and a sleeve of classic red disposable cups … Brilliant!

The nature of the products and service presented a number of challenges in relation to the areas serviced, the legal drinking age restrictions and new changes to liquor licencing in NSW.

This resulted in a number of custom code modules being developed including a postcode gate to inform customers if their location is serviced and if not a pop up provides a phone number to check if a one-off special delivery can be made, an age verification gate to confirm orders are being made by over 18yr olds and shopping cart restrictions on public holidays such as Easter and Christmas.

New licencing laws prohibit the sale or delivery of alcohol after 10pm, so a custom module was developed so that after 9pm each night the site will only allow scheduled deliveries for the next or future days to keep in line with these changes.

So next time you are thinking of hosting a BBQ or Party or perhaps you need to restock mid celebrations and have had 1 too many to drive think “Ready2Drink” log on and check out the great deals and bundles on offer and take the leg work out of getting legless.

Check them out at

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