Responsive Transactional HTML Email Templates

It’s a customised email that is sent based on a previous user action. Sending the customer a confirmation of their order after completing an online purchase is an example of a transactional email. And, sending a reminder email to customers when they abandon their cart before completing the sale is yet another transactional email example.

Transactional email is arguably the most important communication tool for a number of reasons. First, your customers or potential customers have already taken some type of action like signing up for a newsletter or requesting more information, for instance. Second, customers are expecting a response. Third, transactional emails generally have significantly higher open and click-thru rates.

However, many businesses are not sending transactional emails as often as they should which represents a missed opportunity to build customer loyalty and grow future sales. In order to begin sending transactional emails you will want to have several different types of responsive transactional HTML email templates created. Having them professionally done will ensure they match your brand and more importantly, will be viewable on all device screens, whether the customer is reading it on their desktop, smart phone or tablet.

Some transactional emails you may want to send include:

• Newsletter Signup Confirmation

• Order Confirmation

• Customer Enquiry

• Shopping Cart Abandonment

• Special Offer Expiry Reminder

• Coupon Redemption Reminder

Once you have your templates created you will need a system that will send the appropriate email response when the action is triggered. You can use an auto-responder or subscribe to an email service that support transactional email responses. However, for best results with e-commerce applications it is best to consult with your e-commerce website developer to discuss the best ways to incorporate automated transactional email messaging to respond to customer actions.

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