Rightsizing Cloud Management to Improve Website Performance

The cloud provides companies with a means of expanding their information technology capabilities without a large infrastructure investment. With the cloud, a business is able to quickly introduce superior website, apps and online services and other tools that can improve the efficiency of business operations. But the challenge that most businesses grapple with is how to rightsize cloud management that offers a competitive advantage and improves their bottom-line.

Every business has unique requirements and it’s essential that cloud services are matched with the requirements of the business. The cloud services provider should first try to understand the business needs before offering cost effective, reliable and quality solutions. This way, enterprise owners and managers can enjoy better control and more value for the money.

But when you migrate to the cloud, one of the things that you should think about is rightsizing. You have to ensure that your systems are provisioned in such a manner that it can effectively balance loads during peak periods without disrupting operations. Cloud service providers offer several price tiers based on server requirements, storage capacity and bandwidth, among others. Also, when rightsizing cloud management, you may be able to purchase unused capacity at a reduced price. This is an arrangement where you bid for a server on hourly basis and receive the provisioning if your bid is accepted.

It’s also vital to understand that there are three approaches to be followed. The first stage is assessment of the business needs. This provides a road-map that addresses the actual requirements of the business. The second stage entails working with a cloud services provider to build custom software solutions based on the needs assessment. While some teams will leave you to complete the rest of the chores, a few cloud services providers will see you through the implementation process.

A critical part of a cloud plan is one that guarantees rightsizing, meaning that you can upgrade or downgrade as your needs change. Most plans are mainly based on assumptions and estimations on your part. Until a plan is up and running, it will be hard to verify if it’s running optimally. Your provider may have oversold you with more capacity than you need and the expensive price that accompany it.

The third stage is focused on rightsizing and verification of your plan. The services provider will need to monitor the recommended services to ensure that you have the right capacity for your business.

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