Using Email for Customer Retention

Many business owners struggle with building upon their existing customer relationships once the initial sale is complete. Using email is a very simple and engaging customer retention strategy when it is done in such a way that it adds value to the customer relationship.

Some of the reasons that make email great for helping to retain customers is that it can be customised for each specific recipient and the results can be measured to determine if the customer opened the email and clicked on any of the links inside. Tracking performance is important for understanding how well each email message was received and whether or not a customer was interested in a particular offer.

The relevance of the emails sent in customer retention marketing matters. Sending completely impersonalised emails to customers is never a good way to retain them. Sending personalised email campaigns that are most relevant to each customer will help ensure the email doesn’t end up in the trash.

Another customer retention strategy that also builds loyalty is to email special promotions to customers that will be of high value to them. For maximum impact and results, promotions should be tailored towards specific market segmentations or actions that your customers have taken in the past instead of sending a mass promotion to everyone on your list.

Not sure what you’re customers are interested in? Everyone has something to say and email surveys are a great way to solicit customer feedback. Use the survey results to gauge the need customers have for your products and services or any improvements they may have suggested. Incorporate the results into future email campaigns.

When used strategically, email can be a very important component of a customer retention strategy. When you dedicate time and resources to retain your customers you will continue to solidify your relationship with them.

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