Web Design and Graphic Design – Are They the Same Thing?


Are you on the verge to choose a certain career that will utilise your artistry and tech savviness? There are 2 major options that you can choose from and both are highly in-demand, and of course, in pay. Namely – Web Design and Graphic Design – but, there is quite a catch since most of you would perceive these two as identical jobs… but, sorry to burst your bubble, you are oh so wrong.

Just to ease your mind, we are going to answer the title with a generously big NO. No, they are not the same thing. This article is written to show you their differences and similarities in the simplest possible way I humbly can.

Graphic Design

Let us start with the most artistic one with the least complexities but still has a bright future ahead. Graphic designers are those tasked to create visuals that would represent a certain objective or idea, in other words, they are more on building logos, displays, or anything that becomes a picture! Yes, graphics! You can’t make it simpler than that… Likely if you were to become one, your perspective should be to put art first – become an artist as much as you can – deliver the message to your audience by means of graphics, creativity that brings in a punch unavoidable to evade. The skills you require is a good taste for creativity and analysis, with substantial knowledge of adobe and other photo or graphic editors – cash?

Web Design

Now, Web Design is about the art or design on a web page – simple as pie, really can’t make it any simpler… Web Designers are more focused on applying graphics to a page to deliver the message. They do not create the graphics themselves but also does not mean there will be no instances of doing so. They are more into communicating with their audience to provide mutualism or connection; hence, they would assume the right graphic to connect with an audience for a certain page – more of a person that applies the art. Website Designers are also required to learn a little bit of coding and programming.

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