Web Developers Sydney Better Wage Increase

Australia’s Institute of Management has provided the most recent salary survey. It shows that the increase in most works is still in a very slow annual pace, but there is an absolute exception in the IT industry, along with the construction and engineering industries as well.

This leads to promoting a very good invite towards the IT industry in Sydney, especially for web developers, designers, IT experts, etc.

The Survey

The statistics show a wage growth and forecast from 12 months before the start of October. AIM’s Policy and Advocacy General Manager Sam Bell said:

“Positions in IT are in demand as businesses invest more in technology to gain a competitive advantage in the market.”

“There’s also ever-increasing demand for positions with web development skills as more organizations realise the need to have an online footprint.”

In the past 12 months, Web Designers and Web Developers in Sydney and other major cities of Australia outstandingly increase 7 to 8.2 percent – a much higher difference towards the second leading which is only 6.3 percent from a senior professional engineer (level 4).

Chermside resident and web developer at Orange Digital, Alex Cotton, had an increase of pay just 6 months ago and believes that this line of professional is still very much in high demand, and will still continue.

Alex Cotton moved here from New Zealand around 3 years ago, work was one main reason for residing and from his experience, his choice was promising as this career lead to prosperity.

“From my experience here I’ve definitely found there’s been an increase in jobs for web developers.”
– Alex Cotton

People nowadays have realised the importance of having their own website for their company or even just a small-time business. This has lead to one major chain reaction towards the IT industry, allowing web developers and designers around the globe to have more work to be done – which is indeed a reward for these professionals in terms of money

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