Website Design – Colours and Their Impact

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We all know the idea that appearances aren’t everything. Website design is just the front-end, but is it not important? To be completely honest, a huge factor why visitors would stay and would easily hit the exit icon on their browser is because of design. A more professional looking website can easily capture one’s attention with ease for a long period of time while those on the bad end can provoke people to easily find a different website.

An easy way to help you guys out in website design is to give you some tips on how to choose colors to not only make it more professional but will allow you to gain your audience’s trust.

Loyalty and Trust

The color blue comes along with it, observe banks, most of them will always have a tint of blue on their logos or icons. To give a stronger example that people really trust is PayPal and Facebook, the first one handles money, the second one keeps your most treasured photos and important details. Believe it or not, they are using color psychology, hence blue.

Call to Action

When it comes to asking something, make it more dominant, but not aggressive, something that people would easily touch or click. The color for that is none other than bright primary and secondary colors such as red, green, orange, yellow. But make sure that you make them brighter.


Orange is the color that you need, this is a color that punches with a lot of energy, think orange as a power up. This color creates a hype type of feel, ever seen a Ping-Pong Ball? Or perhaps badminton game, basketball? Yes, we see action in this color and you can easily achieve audiences with the same love.


If you want to hit women, then use a lot of blue, purple, pink, and green. For men, have a lot of blue, green, black, and gray. These colors are based on statistics and you can trust them, they have a 35% pick choice so it’s really safe for any website design.


When it comes to showing authority, red is the way to go, but make sure it’s not too much or you will burn yourself down. Yellow is simply no, was fancy.rning signs are yellow, make it gold because it never goes old. But again like red, too much as nasty, just right.

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