Why a Digital Marketing Agency Considers Traditional Marketing Dead

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Well, on almost any Digital Marketing Agency, their point of view on traditional marketing is already dead, gone, extinct, but why is it? Is it really?

Okay, first of all we need to understand and know what are the forms of marketing when one would say “traditional,” to be exact, they are simply the old advertisement way before the birth of the internet, which simply means the way where companies would promote or advertise their products by means of newspapers, television, radios, billboards, banners, magazines, and anything that you may see that is able to show off their brand on a physical platform.

Today, experts believe this is already useless and futile. Why say so? This is because of the current technology that we have today, every single day people are more and more relying messages, news, and other updates over the internet by using a computer or phone. Have you ever ponder for a while when was the last time that you even watched television for 3 hours straight along with all the advertisement seriously? I myself would prefer to download movies then play it on television, or if I would watch the TV directly, every time an ad would play, I’d just check on my phone to see Facebook or any other SNS.


See this is certainly proof but is it really dead? Is really no one on this earth using it? To be honest, we have to say no even if there are a lot of Digital Marketing Agencies claiming it is. But will it soon die, we can answer that it is really possible, they drop their success rate about 10% every year since 2011, newspaper ads aren’t even being looked on anymore.

Well, the only people that are really the potential audience to traditional marketing are those without an internet connection, computers, phones, and old people who just have no idea how to use one.


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