10 facts about website development

Facts About Website Development

Your website is your business. So, it’s important that your website is working in top condition, providing a smooth user experience in order to keep from monetising it. However, once your website fails to meet the new standards then you are now meeting serious problem you need to fix. Here are 10 facts you need to know about website development Sydney.

1. Your web design is no longer modern
Yes, your website might have been cool-looking or modern a few years ago but this year, it might not. This may cause a serious problem because most visitors also look at your web design. Look into new web designs or ask your team to manage it.

2. Your website is no longer SEO friendly
SEO and optimisation are the newest trends to get your website on top pages on search engines. However, most websites that were not updated for the past two years or so are in serious problem. If you are in one of them then you might have notice that you are not generating enough traffic or sales.

3. Your website isn’t displaying well on different devices
So, your website still looks cool and modern but you found out that it’s not displaying the same in your browser and in your smartphone. That’s because browsers or smartphones read load codes differently from each other. So, it’s possible that some might appear or not at all.

4. Is your website’s code correct?
Codes can seriously affect your website’s visibility. Web developers should know how to properly use codes to create your website’s brand and to improve visibility on search engines.

5. Images and Videos
These two things can make or break your visitor’s user experience. Large videos or images take the time to load and visitors might not like waiting.

6. Responsive web design
A responsive web design means that your website is flexible. It can be viewed easily without any problems either in mobile or computer.

7. Mobile Design
Unlike a responsive web design, mobile design means that your website has an integrated mobile friendly viewing. A website like that has an HTML like this “m.website.com”.

8. Extensions and Upgrades
These extensions help your visitors to navigate your website easily and ensuring you better traffic and increase sales.

9. Influencing visitor behavior
Your website should be easy in the eyes. Users usually want to scan your website quickly and if it takes too much time to load, they leave.

10. Web Development Team
Some prefer to DIY their website but that is not recommended especially if you’re just one person. Outsource a team with a website development Sydney and guide them to how you want your website and see it flourish once again.

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