Software Fragmentation Main Problem for Android App Developers Sydney

App developers around the world are struggling to create beautiful, excellent apps for the Android platform. Developers in Sydney today are really trying to resolve one challenge that has always been consistently present in Android, and that is because they allow too much freedom in their application. The specific name for that problem is Software Fragmentation.

Software Fragmentation

This simply means that there is just too much in this single platform! What do we mean? Here at app developers Sydney, we would define it as there is just a huge array of versions of android running around the globe and all of those versions are still into use, no consistent version. It just tells everyone that when you develop an application, you should not only focus on the latest version for the Android operating system but also for the most used, not everyone upgrades their phone and not all phones can be upgraded. This is one of the toughest challenges for developers as they should be aware of this fact and should give consideration also for the previous most popular version.

To make things even more complex and will prove to you that the upgrade problem isn’t given that much attention, you can actually buy a phone running in Android 4.5 this year and in another store, the same phone running in a different version, Android 4.6. This is very common all over the world, and with this inconsistency, the developers should really adapt and do their best to make the app working on both versions, or on most versions that are still being used today.

Ignoring this tip will have a very bad effect on your application; remember that if you would not consider developing an application that would run on an older version but is still being widely circulated, then that populous that will download your great app and will not work on them will give you a very bad review. Reviews are one vital part in an applications’ success, this simple mistake can ruin the entire course of your application, and this is why software fragmentation on the Android platform is really a challenge for app developers Sydney.

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