Iphone App Development VS Android

The Battle

First of all let’s talk about the numbers; the trivia is that there are about 1.3 million apps for android and around 1.2 million apps of iOS which both of them are downloadable. With the huge figure present, it’s actually a disappointment to tell that only a very few portion of these are actually important or useful, most of them are sub-standard so the competition is purely about making the best quality and not about the quantity.

But, take into consideration that still thousands of these apps from either side are amazingly successful, capable of earning a lot of money by the day. So, the question that you might be really asking now is where you should start, iPhone App Development or an Android App Development.


Android vs Iphone

Where to launch first:

Now for the fun parts where we would provide you some factors that will help you decide as to where would you prefer to start.

  • Survey your customers phone – yes just a little peek at what your customers or target are mostly using, this will give you an idea where should your mobile app go. It’s not just about the statistics which matter when it comes to having which phone is used the most but should be also the relevant phone that your business would prosper.
  • Who are your developers, and what are they good at – this may seem to be far-fetched but it’s surely not, put into consideration that the quality of the application you will launch will indeed have an impact as both of them will have a review from the users, you don’t want to be added into the million pile of unconsidered apps.
  • Is your app free or not – most stereotypes would definitely say that if you want to charge it go to iOS, well this in fact is not entirely true as there are still definitely millions of people with an android smartphone will to pay a lot of money. Proof would be those applications or even games from Android that you need to pay to win. Although it is just more likely that iOS users would pay compared from android users but that would still be inaccurate due to the fact that the population of Android users outweighs iOS users by a ton.

Our last say:

This would just depend on your target and your feel because you are the one with the business and not the developers. If you have a lot of money, then you can of course, have both, so Iphone App Development Sydney and Android App Development can start simultaneously and check out which floats better. But, if you don’t best stick to one till you think both markets are best.

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